• BIM-Ready Complete- Evening Batch starts from 19th April (8:00-9:00 PM).
  • BIM-Ready Complete- Evening Batch starts from 19th April (8:00-9:00 PM).



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BIM-Ready Complete
International Certification in BIM Modeling & Coordination

Dual certification program

  • International Graduate Certification
  • Work Experience Certificate from TechnoStruct LLC, California
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  • Duration 6 Months - 120 Hours

  • LanguageEnglish

  • Number of Modules 9

  • Number of Assessments 3

  • Eligibility
    Architecture, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering students or professionals

Precisely curated to Kick-start a complete career in BIM
  • arrowOne of the most practical and innovative academic programs designed to meet the requirements of the AEC industry and help with the BIM Coordination Training, which is ideal for professionals and students from Architecture, Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering backgrounds. More than 500 students take up this Building Information Modeling Course every year globally.
  • arrow On successful completion of the program, participants will be exposed to many international projects and will have the necessary skill and competencies to become ‘job-ready’ for the industry.
  • arrow The number of job vacancies for BIM professionals in the market is scaling up at a tremendous rate, as the requirement of BIM is mandatory in all main construction projects happening across the globe.
Course Highlights
  • arrowBecome a BIM Engineer specialized in all ASMEPF disciplines working with open BIM and interoperability.
  • arrowDiscover all the latest BIM software and the appropriate methodologies to use it over the different project life cycles.
  • arrowExperience the complete project workflow during the Final Project Internship (Includes Personalized Mentoring).
  • arrow1-1 guidance from experts and daily interactions with participants to align the program content to their day-to-day operations, work collaboratively and get immediate answers to their questions.
  • arrowFree lifetime membership to the TSA placement cell.
  • arrowThe BIM Coordinator Online Course offers assured placement based on your passion and career goals.
  • arrowDesigned and led by industry experts at TechnoStruct, bringing you over 20 years of research and knowledge in BIM.
  • icon2000+

    Students Placed Via BIM-Ready Complete/TSA
  • icon100%

    Core technical skill-based Job-ready courses
  • icon24

    Weeks of Training
  • icon9

  • icon2

    International Live Projects
  • icon120 Hours

    Of Live Classes Monday to Friday with the Instructor
Course Curators

Each subject and its contents have been designed keeping in view certain objectives related to that particular subject with the help of the panelists shown here. The course selection panel of TSA includes eminent professors from Purdue University, Virginia Tech University, University of Buffalo, and Qatar State Bureau.

Academic Content

Module 01

Duration 4 Hours
  • arrowProgram Overview: Learn about academic programs and course options.
  • arrowIT and Tech support: Software installations and access to learning portal.
  • arrowCommunity Building: Connect with peers from similar backgrounds.
  • arrowCareer Prep: Placement orientation and career path visualization.

Module 02

Duration 3 Hours

BIM Introduction part offers the broad understanding of BIM terminologies, LODs, BIM Maturity and BIM standards used globally in AEC projects.

Module 03

Introduction to BIM Authoring
Duration 5 Hours

Exposure to BIM authoring tools where a student will learn about initial project setup.

Key Software

  • logo

Module 04

BIM Architecture Design Development
Duration 16 Hours
  • arrowModeling of architectural components
  • arrowLandscaping and site
  • arrowParametric content creation for architecture (Family)
  • arrowDetailing and creation of shop drawings
  • arrowExtraction of Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Bill of Materials (BOM).

Key Software

  • logo
1st Assessment Test

Module 05

BIM in Structure Design Development
Duration 11 Hours
  • arrowModeling of Structural components
  • arrowParametric content creation for structure (Family)
  • arrowDetailing and creation of shop drawings
  • arrowExtraction of Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Bill of Materials (BOM).

Key Software

  • logo
  • logo
2nd Assessment Test

Module 06

BIM in MEPF Design Development
Duration 48 Hours
  • arrowModeling of Mechanical Systems
  • arrowModeling of Plumbing Systems
  • arrowModeling of Fire Protection Systems
  • arrowModeling of Electrical Systems (ELV, HV, LV)
  • arrowParametric content creation for MEPF (Family)
  • arrowDetailing and creation of shop drawings
  • arrowExtraction of Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Bill of Materials (BOM).

Key Software

  • logo
3rd Assessment Test
2nd Placement Session

Module 07

Coordination and Field Management
Duration12 Hours
  • arrowPerforming ASMEPF coordination (clash detection)
  • arrow4D Simulation and Project Timeline
  • arrowOnline BIM collaboration and Model management
  • arrowRFI and construction issues management.

Key Software

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  • logo
  • logo
  • logo
  • logo

Module 08

Cutting-Edge Technologies in BIM
Duration8 Hours

The aim of this module is to provide hands-on experience in the latest trending BIM technologies

Key Software

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  • logo
  • logo

Module 09


(The only BIM Institute where you can work on LIVE projects)

Work on TechnoStruct’s Award-winning US Projects.

This integrated project internship program exposes students to a live US project of TechnoStruct LLC in California, where they will work on complex BIM projects from the start of the program. Participants are. moulded on international projects to create BIM models, coordinate between various discipline stakeholders, and produce shop drawings and fabrication drawings for construction.

Key Contents:
  • iconSubmit the final project with coordinated BIM Model, Clash reports, shop drawings, quantities, and other deliverables
  • icon Mock Interviews
  • icon Final Tool Test
  • iconEntry to Placement Cell

3rd Placement Session


Previous Internship Projects
Software you will learn
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Career Growth Projection
BIM is the Second Most Sought-after Skill for Recruiters in the Construction Space
  • arrow The Global Construction Industry is expected to record a CAGR of 9.2% to reach 11093.7 USD by 2024. (Source: PR Newswire 2020)
  • arrow In just four years from now, by 2026, the BIM market is projected to be valued at a jaw-dropping 10.7 billion USD.
The percentage of architecture firms that are expected to use BIM and digital tools by 2024.

The number of months it will take for you to master new-age BIM skills and secure your future in this field.


Number of excuses now left for you to not embrace technology and digitalization!

Are you a graduate/ student/looking for career enhancement?

What if we tell you we can offer you a BIM Modelling Course with the required knowledge and skill set at just 10% of the price and 20% of the duration of a Master’s program?

Conventional Master's VS BIM Program


BIM professionals enjoy 2x job opportunities and 40% better payouts compared to conventional engineers and architects.

Conventional Engineer/Architect VS BIM Engineer/Architect

graph image

Tuition Fee includes

  • iconLive virtual classes with personalized mentoring at the comfort of your home.
  • icon Exposure to international projects by TechnoStruct LLC, California
  • icon Dual Certification.
  • icon Educational Software Licenses.
  • icon Personalized career guidance.
  • iconCV & Portfolio creation according to the participant profile.
  • icon Lifetime access to the TSA placement cell.
  • iconLifetime access to the TSA global alumni committee.
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  • 12 Months - ₹ 8,333 / Monthly