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  • Course Duration:
    1.5 Months
  • Language: English
  • No of Modules: 8
  • Certificate issued by:
    Bexel Consulting
  • Eligibility

    BIM and other AEC
    Professionals with 2+ years
    of experience
The most extensive BIM Software Solution

BEXEL Manager is a premium BIM solution providing the most comprehensive set of features for advanced 3D visualization, model data management, clash detection, automated QTO, cost management, smart scheduling, and progress monitoring.

With extensive data analysis and reporting tools, BEXEL Manager empowers all project stakeholders to make informed data-driven decisions based on real-time data. 

  • Design Review

    A high-quality BIM model leads to a smooth construction process. With advanced 3D BIM features, BEXEL ensures minimized conflicts in later stages.

  • Smart Scheduling

    Advanced 4D BIM scheduling engine designed to bring the functionality of creating fully automated construction schedules and alleviate painful, manual sequencin.

  • Cost Management

    A fully integrated 5D BIM Cost Management enables various advanced analyses such as model-based Cost Estimation, Schedule creation and optimization, Construction progress monitoring, and Schedule impact analyses.

Be Extraordinary with BEXEL Manager

  • Aspects
    Bim Professionals
    BIM Professionals with Bexel Manager Certificate
  • Easy of use
    BIM professionals rely on various tools and plugins for integrating data needed for 5D and facilities management.
    BEXEL Manager unify processes: coordination, collaboration, design review, scheduling, cost management, etc.
  • Technology advancement
    Most tools used by them cannot work efficiently on Open BIM environment.
    BEXEL manager aligns with Open BIM standards, supporting diverse interoperable file formats for seamless workflows.
  • Preference
    BIM professionals can use BIM for efficient and collaborative project management.
    Bexel Manager professionals are preferred for their expertise and proficiency in generating reliable QTOs and Cost Estimates.
  • Salary
    BIM professionals are paid according to their advancements such as, BIM engineer, BIM coordinator, BIM manager, etc.
    Bexel Manager gets a hike of 50% in comparison to a BIM professional
  • Precision
    BIM professionals lack adequate tools for precise QTO and Cost Estimates.
    BEXEL manager enables accurate QTOs and Cost Estimates.

This program gives you a deep dive into the BEXEL Manager, a powerful software that brings together key 3D, 4D, 5D, and BIM features. With this all-in-one platform, BEXEL Manager makes it quick and easy to embrace BIM processes and technology for speedy project implementation.

TSA as the Educational Partner of Bexel Manager

TechnoStruct Academy is the educational partner of the Bexel Manager. We are exclusively offering the Bexel Manager Certification Course.

As a trusted collaborator, TechnoStruct Academy offers comprehensive training and expertise in utilizing Bexel Manager, ensuring professionals gain advanced skills in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and project efficiency. Together, we empower individuals with the knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic field of BIM management.

What Does the Career Hold?

  • BIM Manager

    Graduates analyze projects using automation for efficient planning and execution.

  • Project Manager

    Command the digital prowess to forge every blueprint in a masterpiece of efficiency and brilliance.

  • Construction Technology Specialist

    Be a Pro in sculpting triumphs from complexity with unyielding determination and visionary mastery.

  • Digital Construction Manager

    A BIM project manager oversees and optimizes digital construction processes for efficiency and innovation.

  • Construction Analyst

    Individuals can take on roles to ensure the optimal utilization of digital construction methodologies.

Key Features

  • Experienced and certified instructors

    Benefit from the expertise of experienced and certified instructors listed in the Course Mentor’s roster, ensuring high-quality education and mentorship throughout the program.

  • Learning Materials

    Engage with interactive learning materials designed to enhance your understanding and practical skills, providing a dynamic and immersive educational experience.

  • Projects and Case Studies

    Apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios through projects and case studies, gaining hands-on experience that reinforces theoretical concepts and prepares you for practical challenges in the field.

  • Software Access

    Avail exclusive access to Bexel Manager software throughout the course, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting and enhancing your proficiency with this industry-leading tool.

Academic Content

Module 1:

Introduction to BEXEL Manager.

Overview of BEXEL Manager in Construction project
  • - Understanding the role of BEXEL Manager in construction projects.
  • - Key features and functionalities.
Data Management Techniques in BEXEL Manager
  1. Effective data management techniques.
  2. Organizing, categorizing, and integrating project data.
  3. Creating and using selection sets.
  4. Advanced Selection sets
  5. Custom Breakdown
Module 2:

BIM Coordination

Clash Detection in BIM Environment
  • - Advanced clash detection Methods in BIM.
  • - Techniques for clash identification and resolution.
  • - Coordinating clashes for optimal project outcomes.
Module 3:

Quantity Takeoff and Cost Estimation

  1. Quantity Takeoff with BEXEL Manager
  2. Using Cost Databases
  3. Construction Estimates
Module 4:

Scheduling with BEXEL Manager

  1. Creating construction schedules.
  2. Integrating data From Project management Tools.
    (MSP And PrimaveraP6).
Module 5:

4D &5D Construction Sequencing and Simulation

  1. 4D And 5D Construction Sequencing And simulation Using Schedule.
Module 6:

Data Exchange and Collaboration

  1. Data exchange tools in BEXEL
  2. Clash/issue collaboration using BCF
  3. Bexel Manager – progress data exchange Using BCF format.
Module 7:

Advanced Bexel Manager

  1. Use of Bexel Manager API
  2. API and add-ins in Bexel Manage
  3. Power BI and dashboard 4D/5D integration
  4. Planned vs. actual
Module 8:

Project Thesis and Final Exam

  1. Submission of Project Thesis
    (Based on Live Project used at the time of training).
  2. Final Examination (Final Exam Conducted by BEXEL Manager team).
  3. Bexel manager Certification.

Graduation Exam

  • Grading System

    The grades are based on the performance and percentile achieved by the students in the exam.

  • Examination Conduction

    The online test will be conducted by Bexel. Students have to keep their webcam on during the examination.

  • Minimum passing requirement

    Attain a score of 75% or above to successfully complete the program.

  • Certification

    The students pursuing this course will be certified by the exclusive Bexel Manager.

  • Career Growth Certification

    Understand the significance of the certification in advancing your career, and unlocking new opportunities in the construction and project management industry.


Gain insights from past participants through quotes and success stories, showcasing how individuals have benefited from the program, secured employment, or earned promotions post-certification.

Fees & Registration

Course Fee

INR 60,000

User-Friendly Registration

Follow an easy-to-navigate enrollment process using the provided Enrollment Form.

Accepted Payment Methods

Information on various payment methods is available for your convenience and seamless registration.


  • What is the role of the Bexel manager?

    Answer- BEXEL Manager plays a pivotal role in construction projects by serving as an integrated BIM platform. It seamlessly combines 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D BIM functionalities, facilitating efficient project management. BEXEL Manager accelerates BIM processes, ensuring swift adoption of technology for streamlined collaboration, cost control, and enhanced decision-making in construction projects

  • What is the salary of Bexel Consulting in India?

    Answer- Any specific salary information for Bexel Consulting in India may not be readily available. It's recommended to check the latest job listings, company websites, or salary surveys for the most accurate and up-to-date salary details. Salaries can vary based on roles and experience.

  • What is the use of Bexel manager?

    Answer- BEXEL manager serves as a comprehensive tool for generating reliable Quantity Takeoffs (QTOs) and Cost Estimates. Its functionality allows for precise project planning and budgeting, facilitating efficient and accurate management of construction-related data for improved decision-making in the construction industry.

  • What is Bexel software?

    Answer- BEXEL is a software solution designed for efficient construction project management. It facilitates the creation of reliable Quantity Takeoffs (QTOs) and Cost Estimates. BEXEL manager streamlines the process, ensuring accuracy in project costing and helping construction professionals optimize their workflows for better results.

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