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  • Course Duration:
    6 Months
  • Language: English
  • No of Modules: 9
  • Certificate issued by:
    Michigan State University
  • Eligibility

    Architecture, Civil, Mechanical,
    and Electrical Engineering
    students or professionals

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The Michigan State University

Michigan State University (MSU) in East Lansing is renowned for top-tier research and diverse academic programs with over 165 years of excellence. With a sprawling campus and world-class faculty, MSU offers 200+ undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines, catering to diverse academic interests and fostering knowledge and discovery.

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  • 24

    Weeks of Training

  • 9




  • 100%

    Placement Assistance

  • 120

    Hours Of Live Classes


    International Live Projects

  • 2000+

    Students Placed Via BIM-Ready Complete

BIM Ready Complete

BIM Ready Complete is an International Certification in BIM Modeling and coordination. It is one of the most practical and innovative academic programs designed to meet the requirements of the AEC industry and help with the BIM Coordination Training, which is ideal for professionals and students from Architecture, Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering backgrounds.

This program is certified by ACCE (American Council for Construction Education) making it a global premium program.


Course Highlights

  • Excel in ASMEPF disciplines as a BIM expert, navigating open BIM seamlessly

  • Explore the latest BIM software and methodologies for effective project lifecycle implementation

  • Get 1:1 personalized guidance and daily interactions, ensuring program alignment with your operations, and guaranteed placement based on your career aspirations.

  • Experience personalized mentoring in our Final Project Internship for exceptional growth

  • Free lifetime membership to the TSA placement cell.

Academic Content

Module 1:

Orientation Program

  1. Program Overview: Learn about academic programs and course options.
  2. IT and Tech support: Software installations and access to learning portal.
  3. Community Building: Connect with peers from similar backgrounds.
  4. Career Prep: Placement orientation and career path visualization.
Module 2:

Introduction to BIM

BIM Introduction part offers the broad understanding of BIM terminologies, LODs, BIM Maturity and BIM standards used globally in AEC projects.

Module 3:

Introduction to BIM Authoring

Exposure to BIM authoring tools where a student will learn about initial project setup.

  • auto-desk
Module 4:

BIM Architecture Design Development

  1. Modeling of architectural components
  2. Landscaping and site
  3. Parametric content creation for architecture (Family)
  4. Detailing and creation of shop drawings
  5. Extraction of Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • auto-desk
Module 5:

BIM in Structure Design Development

  1. Modeling of Structural components
  2. Parametric content creation for structure (Family)
  3. Detailing and creation of shop drawings
  4. Extraction of Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • auto-desk
  • autodesk-robot
Module 6:

BIM in MEPF Design Development

  1. Modeling of Mechanical Systems
  2. Modeling of Plumbing Systems
  3. Modeling of Fire Protection Systems
  4. Modeling of Electrical Systems (ELV, HV, LV)
  5. Parametric content creation for MEPF (Family)
  6. Detailing and creation of shop drawings
  7. Extraction of Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • auto-desk
Module 7:

Coordination and Field Management

  1. Performing ASMEPF coordination (clash detection)
  2. 4D Simulation and Project Timeline
  3. Online BIM collaboration and Model management
  4. RFI and construction issues management.
  • navisworks
  • autodesk-docs
  • autodesk-glue
  • autodesk-cloud
  • bim-track
Module 8:

Cutting-Edge Technologies in BIM

The aim of this module is to provide hands-on experience in the latest trending BIM technologies

  • dynamo-msu
  • enscape-msu
  • bim-msu
Module 9:


This integrated project internship program exposes students to a live US project of TechnoStruct LLC in California, where they will work on complex BIM projects from the start of the program. Participants are. moulded on international projects to create BIM models, coordinate between various discipline stakeholders, and produce shop drawings and fabrication drawings for construction.

Key Contents:
  1. Submit the final project with coordinated BIM Model, Clash reports, shop drawings, quantities, and other deliverables
  2. Mock Interviews
  3. Final Tool Test
  4. Entry to Placement Cell
  • convocation

Supply Demand Analysis of BIM Industry

Previous Internship Projects
Software you will learn
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Listen To What Our Alumni Have To Say

  • Icon

    Slim Barbouche

    Icon Tunisia

    The BIM READY COMPLETE course at TechnoStruct Academy was fantastic! It gave me practical skills and my internship was really productive, preparing me well for the industry. I enjoyed my time here and I'm thankful for the experience.

  • Icon

    Stephen Terhorst

    Icon Germany

    Completing the BIM READY COMPLETE course at TechnoStruct Academy was an enlightening experience, equipping me with invaluable skills in BIM. My internship at TechnoStruct further amplified my learning, providing hands-on exposure to real-world projects and nurturing my growth as a BIM professional.

  • Icon

    Marian Hakim

    Icon Tunisia

    The BIM READY COMPLETE course at TechnoStruct Academy was fantastic! It gave me practical skills and my internship was really productive, preparing me well for the industry. I enjoyed my time here and I'm thankful for the experience.

  • Icon

    Shipra Raman

    Icon India

    The course is very well structured covering topics from AutoCAD, 2D 3D MEP to Revit architecture, Revit structure, Revit MEP, as well as Dynamo, and Navisworks. The staff is really helpful with clearing my doubts and very supportive and accommodating.

  • Icon

    Ovais Hamid

    Icon India

    I always wanted to uplift my skill set in this booming BIM industry and I'm fortunate enough that I got an opportunity to work under the guidance and mentorship of professionally trained subject experts on BIM. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Rohit, Mr. Kiran, Dr. Divya Shree, and Mr. Pragatish for being there to mentor us and clearing all our doubts at every single stage of this course. Finally, I would express my gratitude to TechnoStruct Academy for the beautiful courses they are offering. I feel confident enough and optimistic about landing myself a substantial employer just because of TechnoStruct Academy.

Program Fees


Inaugural offer $1600

Fee payment plan- Flexible Payment Options: Pay your tuition fees upfront or in two easy installments.


  • What is the role of a BIM Co-ordinator?

    Answer- A BIM Coordinator oversees the implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes within a project or organization. They liaise between different project stakeholders, ensuring effective collaboration, data exchange, and adherence to BIM standards. Their role involves managing BIM workflows, resolving conflicts, and facilitating communication to optimize project outcomes and efficiency.

  • What are BIM used for?

    Answer- BIM (Building Information Modeling) is used for collaborative design, construction, and management of buildings and infrastructure projects. It integrates 3D modeling with data-rich elements to facilitate coordination, visualization, and simulation. BIM enables stakeholders to optimize project planning, improve decision-making, enhance communication, and streamline the entire building lifecycle for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • What are BIM methods?

    Answer-BIM methods encompass digital techniques and processes used in Building Information Modeling (BIM) to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure projects. This includes 3D modeling, parametric design, data integration, collaboration platforms, and lifecycle management, streamlining project workflows and enhancing communication among stakeholders.

  • What is a BIM Course?

    Answer- A BIM (Building Information Modeling) course is a structured program designed to teach individuals the principles, software tools, and methodologies of BIM technology. Participants learn to create and manage digital representations of building projects, fostering efficiency, collaboration, and innovation in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

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