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Certification Distribution in TSA.

Certification Distribution in TSA.
Course Description

BIM Ready+ is an advance course designed for professionals looking to become the next big leaders in the field of BIM. The course examines the practical application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies and processes for the development and delivery of construction projects.

Its academic structure offers participants the methodologies, tools and competencies necessary to prepare for different profiles to bring about the paradigm change: BIM Managers, Implementers and Consultants.

This course includes 90-hours of E-Live Classes & 90-hours of practical learning which the students will learn about the workings of BIM and its practices, and get hands-on experience working on relevant live projects.

  • Live project interactions on U.S.A. based projects.
  • One-month free BIM Internship, where you will get to work with our BIM professionals from across the globe.
  • Placement assistance in MNCs.
What you’ll learn

Students will develop an in-depth understanding of and not limited to Parametric Modeling, 4D-simulation, 5D-Cost Estimation of the planned construction process, visualization and animation. Participants learn to examine the issues and problems inhibiting the widespread application of time-lining and 4D simulation technologies in the industry.

During the course, a student will work on a complicated global project on their own, based on the progression of topics covered.

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