How Much a BIM Professional Earn: Career Paths and Salaries

Apr 18, 2024

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As the application of BIM grows, BIM professionals around the world are becoming more valuable to the AEC industry. With technology constantly evolving, the tendency can only increase, resulting in numerous BIM occupations in high demand, with an increment in BIM engineer salary.  Let’s study the career options for BIM professionals and their respective salaries.

Understanding BIM

The people behind this digital transformation are the BIM experts. This is a group of experts who are professionals in different aspects of BIM technologies. BIM goes beyond traditional 2D drawings, developing into an advanced 3D modelling method.

It generates a digital model of a structure, including both its physical and functional qualities. This data-rich model incorporates architectural, structural, and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems, allowing for seamless collaboration and informed decision-making throughout the project’s lifecycle.


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Career Opportunities and Salaries for BIM Experts

When BIM saves large amounts of time and money, BIM professionals become extremely important to the industry. As a well-established practice for decades, there are numerous niches in this field, including:

BIM Modeller

A BIM modeller is someone who creates and manages three-dimensional digital models of structures and buildings. Becoming a BIM Modeller is the initial stage in this career. BIM modellers earn an average of ₹25,500 per month.

BIM Engineer

In general, a BIM Engineer is in charge of activities such as recognising existing clashes and connecting the project schedule to BIM software while working on one or more projects. Entry-level BIM engineer salary ranges from ₹400,000 to ₹600,000 per year. With experience, a BIM engineer’s salary range can rise to ₹800,000 or even more.

BIM Coordinator

BIM coordinators oversee the digital aspects of both the design and construction stages of a project. They are also in charge of teaching new team members about BIM processes and ensuring the upkeep of BIM models during the project’s duration. A BIM coordinator can earn up to ₹55,000 per month, with a broad range.

BIM Manager

BIM managers serve as heads among the client’s team, design team, contractor team, and supply chain. They are in charge of project setup and technical administration, as well as project execution. BIM managers might earn over ₹800,000 and up to ₹1,200,000 annually.


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So, is BIM a good career? The answer is definitely yes. The incorporation of BIM into the architectural workflow is clear. Architects that embrace BIM open up a world of opportunities, from improved design capabilities to lucrative career pathways.

Whether you are an aspiring architect just starting or a seasoned professional looking to broaden your skill set, investing in BIM skills is a strategic decision that can take your career to the next level. 


What is a BIM expert's salary?

BIM Specialist salaries vary from ₹3.1 Lakhs to ₹14.1 Lakhs, with an average yearly pay of ₹7.6 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 105 most recent salaries obtained from BIM Specialists with 2 - 10 years experience.

Is a career in BIM worthwhile?

BIM specialists are at the forefront of this digital transformation, helping to shape our modern construction world. Those with BIM knowledge and abilities have better employment chances and earn 40% more than non-BIM professionals

Is being a BIM manager a good job?

You'll have the opportunity to collaborate with a large number of people while also ensuring that the workplace is efficient and successful. As a BIM manager, you will have the chance to oversee every stage of a construction project.