How to Actualize Your Dream Career as a BIM Professional?

Sep 12, 2023

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BIM Professional

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. It is a process of making use of computer software programs to create a virtual 3D model of a structure or a building. The model achieved this way helps better streamline the entire design and construction process as it interconnects a large number of disciplines involved in a particular construction project.

BIM in contemporary times is being used at almost all stages of construction right from idea to concept, and implementation as well. Almost all the members involved in a particular project are the beneficiaries of the BIM including contractors, subcontractors, architects, and engineers. As the project makes progress, all these people can have access to the current information.

Career Perspectives in BIM

It is now an open secret that BIM has played a significant role in bringing a paradigm shift to the AEC industry. The adoption of BIM is spreading by leaps and bounds across different subdomains of the AEC industry. In such an encouraging and enthusiastic scenario, it is quite logical to say that the AEC professionals who have taken up BIM would never be looking back as far as the career possibilities are concerned.

With the ever-increasing popularity of BIM across different AEC fields, the demand for trained and skilled BIM professionals is quite unstoppable. Industry experts are of the view that those equipped with the required skills and knowledge in BIM through BIM courses in India will not only be having better career opportunities but also getting 40% more pay than their non-BIM counterparts.

Steps to be taken to start a career in BIM

To make a start in the AEC industry as a BIM professional, you must be a graduate in any of the construction and built environment-related streams/programs. Those having a background in electrical or civil engineering can also grab the lucrative jobs belonging to BIM. Nevertheless, this can be considered the most basic need to enter this field, the knowledge of design and construction is probably the most important. This blog further discusses some crucial steps to start a career in the field of BIM:

Join a BIM Course and Get Certified

You don’t need to have a Master’s degree to actualize your dream career in the field of BIM. Nevertheless, it is quite pragmatic to go for a BIM course offered by the best BIM training institute in India. This course will equip you with the required knowledge and skills, particularly the practical aspects – you will need to succeed in your career as a BIM professional. Most firms still today don’t lay stress on scrutinizing your certifications but assessing your practical skills which you can acquire only by pursuing a BIM course.

Choose a Specialty

After acquiring all the required skills and practical knowledge by joining a BIM course, you will be no doubt considered a BIM professional but career streams in this field might be of different natures to be further zeroed in to more specializations. Each career stream in this field calls for different requirements as far as skills and experience are concerned. It would be great if you choose any particular one to specialize in, intending to prove your mettle professionally. Once you finalize your choice, you will be climbing the career ladder faster as you continue gaining more experience.

Now the question arises how you can zero in on the choice to specialize in. Experts are of the view that it is interest that drives a person to take on even the biggest of challenges. Therefore, first, explore what attracts you most in the field of BIM and then become an expert in it. Once you find the answer from within, you can start delving into your favorite subdomain while carrying out extensive research in the related careers.

Built a Portfolio

Now, suppose that you find a suitable role, and you are all set to apply for it. What should be done next? At this juncture, creating a portfolio holds the utmost importance. You must understand that creating and handling different BIM Models constitutes the most basic job responsibilities for any BIM role. Showcase your data-rich BIM models in your portfolio while staying confident of whatever you have created. BIM as an industry is making progress very rapidly and more and more aspirants are showing their interest to become a part of it. In such a scenario, you need to have a spark and aura of your own that will help you not only in standing apart from the rest but also in impressing potential employers.

Expand Your Network

Today, we are living in a well-connected digital world wherein networking is not a leisurely activity but a necessity. It is considered a kind of skill that is necessary today for a resource-rich career hunt. Attending BIM forums, webinars and courses offered by the best BIM training institute in India are the best ways not only to let others know you but also get a chance to know others working or searching for things in the same industry. Listening to talks by industry experts will also enlighten you to make your mark in the field of BIM.

Some of the most in-demand job profiles in BIM include the following:

• BIM Manager
• BIM Designer
• BIM Technician (MEP) – Mechanical Electrical Plumbing
• Business Development Manager
• BIM/Revit – Draughtsman
• BIM Coordinator – Civil 3D
• Revit/BIM Modeller (MEP)
• Structural BIM Modeler – Tekla Concrete/Steel
• BIM Structural Engineer
• BIM Consultant
• BIM Trainer
• Revit BIM Modeller (Structural/Architectural/Electrical).

Concluding Remarks

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