What is Bexel Manager? Software Explained, Importance and Uses

Mar 11, 2024

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Bexel Manager has a cutting-edge workflow for construction planning procedures is revolutionizing the construction sector. This includes quantity takeoffs and conflict detection. It also includes 4D scheduling and 5D cost estimates, managing changes, and value engineering. It also includes facility management, design, and data review and analysis. 

However, it also comes with tools that automate a lot of the scheduling and costing process. Additionally, it has APIs that users with programming skills may use to create their own custom add-ins that increase the application’s functionality. Read further to know more about Bexel Manager.

Understanding Bexel Manager

Bexel Manager addresses big gaps in construction management. It transforms the idea of integrated project management. The integrated BIM tool suite Bexel Manager helps construction firms manage big projects. 

Thus, with the aid of the platform’s sophisticated scheduling system, it can manage more than 20,000 jobs and more than a million building pieces. Seven versions of this software are available in English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Italian, and Korean. A few more are under development. 

Over 130 nations use it for teaching and research in engineering and construction. It has been used in over 180 construction projects in 40 countries. It is an approved Autodesk developer. Bexel Manager has a Revit add-in for direct integration. It is also an IFC-certified member of buildingSMART International.


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Unraveling the Importance of Bexel Manager

The following are some significant roles that Bexel Manager plays in the construction industry:

Improved management of the project

Global investors have been using this software to plan, monitor, and manage their projects. It is highly automated. It uses editable templates, knowledge transfer by the template database, and a fast method for updating analysis in response to project changes. This setup strengthens control throughout the whole project.

Automated data verification

Frequent automatic data checks in Bexel Manager make high-quality, data-rich BIM models. They are ready for analysis. The checks verify and control the information layer. They add value to the designer’s work.

Maximizing profit margins and budget initiatives

Exact lists of quantities and easy cooperation among project participants create a precise budget. This is especially true in the early phases. This software creates a full budget. It does this by combining the investor’s expenses and sorting them by different criteria. 

Bexel Manager advances the data-rich 4D/5D construction schedule. It does this by adding cash flow analysis. This type of analysis is also known as cost diagrams or the “S Curve.” By doing this, the investor may cut down on waste, identify and seize optimal practices, and boost profit margins.

Automated evaluations of resources

Bexel Manager’s automated resource evaluations enable accurate purchase planning. They also trigger mechanization, cutting delays and bottlenecks and saving money on storage and transportation.

Enhanced effectiveness of construction planning

This software uses the full capabilities of the 4D/5D BIM model. It generates and optimizes data-rich construction schedules. These schedules include the cost and quantities for every work. This allows for precise construction planning, the removal of pointless tasks, and the guarantee that there are no missed activities. 

The BIM model elements and the construction schedule in this are related. They enable real-time construction simulations and project foresight.

Long-term maintenance planning

You can connect as-built docs in the Bexel Manager to BIM model elements. You should check them regularly to ensure they are complete. This software enhances long-term maintenance planning. It helps with operating phase monitoring for investors and facility managers. It does this by adding the facility management part to an integrated environment.

What Are The Uses Of Bexel Manager

This software is IFC-certified BIM software. It combines the major 3D/4D/5D/6D parts of BIM into one software. It is for managing construction projects. Among the uses for Bexel Manager are:

Easy scheduling

With this software, schedules including tens of thousands of tasks with precise preset task relations that are constantly stored may be created using the predefined building techniques and templates. Every modification made to the schedule automatically affects all associated analyses.

Smart project evaluation

It is feasible to implement a fully built 5D process that allows for various advanced analyses, including model-based cost estimation, timetable creation, and optimizations, progress tracking, as well as schedule impacts, using the custom-defined cost data, resources, productivity rates, as well as custom classification systems.

Clash detection

For design coordination, this software has a separate Clash Detection module. Selection sets let you pick which groups of components to look for conflicts in. You also say what kind of clash and any tolerance. 

It is quite useful to be able to get an overview of the findings in the form of a matrix in addition to being able to evaluate each clash that is discovered individually.

Enhanced project management

This software uses preset templates and rules. It may create and update model element groups. It can do automatic parameter quality checks and make reusable collision detection matrices.

Scheduling gets easier using predefined zones and methods. QTOs can be made and reused based on bespoke structures or set criteria. Or, a custom categorization system can make automatic cost estimates. Once established, the built-in exchange mechanism in Bexel Manager allows users to share these rules and templates.

Project Lifecycle Management

The software’s platform offers full support for BIM deployment. It sees BIM as an integrated strategy. This strategy brings the best results throughout the project’s lifecycle. Sixth-generation BIM, or 6D BIM, is incorporated into this software’s BIM Platform throughout the project operation phase.

This enables the project team to link the various building parts to a complete cloud-based database including non-graphical information and documentation about the facility (user guides, maintenance guides, technical and pictorial documentation, guarantees, etc.).


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In conclusion, Bexel Manager has the features. It is a BIM management software. It is the main support for the usual workflow across the whole project’s life. This software enables cost and workflow optimisation in addition to facilitating a deeper comprehension and enhancement of the 3D BIM model.

As a result, this is a revolutionary tool in construction. It provides project managers with a complete and integrated solution to their complex problems. Additionally, it streamlines construction. Bexel Manager also helps with teamwork. From aiding in project planning, integrating with BIM to managing costs, risks, and documents. These abilities boost the success and efficiency of projects.

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What is a Bexel manager?

Bexel Manager is software. It combines the main 3D, 4D, and 5D BIM apps. It transforms how we see project management. It lets you maximize digital processes and use cutting-edge open BIM tech.

How can you alter the Bexel Manager's language?

After installation, you may always change the language. To do this, right-click on the Bexel Manager shortcut on the desktop. Choose 'Properties' from the context menu. Then, enter the desired language code after '/language:' in the 'Target' box.

Is there any app integration available for Bexel Manager?

Through plugins, this software provides a direct interface with Autodesk Revit and Navisworks. It can also interchange data with any other software to facilitate integration with other programs. Construction businesses and BIM managers are the primary users of this software.