How is BIM integration augmenting towards a Smarter India?

Mar 27, 2023

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BIM integration

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is currently considered the Holy Grail of AEC professionals in India. It extends the users’ ability to build digital data in various dimensions and offers 3D modeling for proper and accurate planning. Not such a popular concept even couple of years ago, cutting-edge BIM technology is now redefining the construction sector with its numerous advantages. Spanning major lifecycle stages like planning, designing, construction and managing, BIM promises enhanced efficiency in overall construction work processes – making the life of AEC professionals easier.

It is no surprise then that BIM is today a much sought-after skill in the Indian construction industry which is presently showing a huge appetite for building small to large scale structures. Furthermore, federal government initiatives, such as Make in India, are serving as enabling platforms for the AECO industry looking to venture into the new-age technologically driven construction processes.

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Latest BIM Projects in India

The rate of BIM adoption varies globally. Even as India has just 10-18% BIM adoption rate as compared to 71% users of BIM in the United States, the rapid northward trend is hard to miss. Here are some of the latest BIM projects from the Indian construction industry landscape:

  • Personal Rapid Transit in Amritsar
  • The Bangalore Airport – Terminal 2
  • The Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation
  • Delhi Metro Rail
  • IBIS 4-star Hotel in Chennai
  • Power plant in Vidarbha
  • The Opus Gurgaon
  • KEF Infra’s – Maitra Hospital, Kozhikode, Kerala
  • Infosys’s – Infosys Knowledge Park, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • AURIC Aurangabad Industrial City
  • Apollo Premier, Indore, India
  • Navi Mumbai International Airport
  • Phoenix Golf Edge, Hyderabad
  • L&T Emerald Isle ClubHouse, Powai, Mumbai
  • Mumbai Polycab Experience Center
  • Halol, Gujarat
  • GoldFish Abode Zresta, Hyderabad
  • Supertech’s – SuperNOVA, Noida

Besides the above-mentioned BIM-based projects, the Indian construction sector is undertaking new BIM initiatives for both the private and government sector. Aim is to improve efficiency, build a robust infrastructure and optimize resource utilization. Recent budgetary allocations and Niti Aayog announcements for leveraging the capabilities of BIM in the national infrastructure and construction projects have come out loud and clear to the industry watchers. It is no longer considered merely as a good-to-have differentiator. It is positioning itself as a basic qualifier. A necessity.

The Indian AECO industry is now firmly on the technology-driven path, assisted by BIM. Are you ready?

Need for Skilled Professionals

From designers to project managers, coordinators to special skills managers (HVAC, Civil, Mechanical, Plumber, Engineer, and more), the construction industry is actively hiring, training and re-skilling candidates. The opportunities are huge – at different stages of career and in myriad roles. Every role comes with a different set of responsibilities and allows a well-defined career progression roadmap. As an icing on the cake, compared to peer positions in other related fields, the compensation structure too has emerged as highly competitive. Various roles of BIM professionals draw as a remuneration between INR 3 – 20 lakh per annum based on experience and expertise.

How is BIM Helping Build A Smarter India?

Several pieces of research related to BIM in India have reported that the architectural firms were reluctant to change from traditional practices, showing resistance to exploring new technologies. Now the times are changing. The evolving global scenario and surge in demand for BIM enabled projects have egged owners to start building small to large scale structures based on BIM. Advancement in technology, adoption of BIM and cheap skilled labor are drawing outsourced projects to leading BIM services providers in India – creating an opportunity for students in the country to progress in the respected field.

The equation is simple. Global & regional demand for BIM = Skilled BIM professionals = Smarter India.

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