Why Learning BIM at TechnoStruct Academy will help you go a Long Way?

Mar 27, 2023

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BIM management

Disruption in Indian Construction/Real Estate Industry:

The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for almost all the industries across the globe. With end-to-end lockdowns, many businesses struggled to survive, whereas many thrived. The construction industry’s best practices have significantly influenced the overall healthcare industry while also creating a more robust and safe environment for people while preventing the spread of COVID-19 infectious disease.

The advent and adoption of technology were by and large one of the biggest and truly impacting choices that helped enhance the efficiency of buildings and helped deliver the project within projected timelines. Amidst this, the need for highly skilled project managers, designers, engineers, and architects played a major role in catering to the unanticipated demand by leveraging Building Information Modeling and other construction software.

Though a very small percentage of construction companies in India use BIM technologies at the moment, approximately 18-20%, in comparison to 71% in the United States alone, the stakes are rising, and more and more companies are revolutionizing the Indian AECO space.

Technostruct Academy

TechnoStruct Academy is the educational institution by TechnoStruct, a US-based leading BIM and MEP Services Providers. With over 10 years of experience in the industry and expert professionals by their side, TechnoStruct Academy is the right place to begin your career in the AEC Industry.

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Here are some reasons why learning BIM management will help you go a long way in the construction industry and open new doors for your exponential growth in the industry:

  • Increased chances of getting hired for internships/jobs: Today, any construction company prefers to hire people who are learned, enthusiastic, and know their way around construction tools, software, and more. So, if you want to kick start your career or create some disruption in the AEC space, it is best that you take the best-in-class BIM software training and improve your chances in the industry.
  • Helps you produce drawings more efficiently: If you are into designing and architecture, knowing BIM is of utmost priority, as it can help you design and develop intricate drawings of structures – which can put you on the map and give your career the nudge it requires. Besides producing drawings, BIM implementation also allows you to access various visualization and analysis tools that will help design more effective building structures.
  • Easy collaboration in group work: With the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are coordinating from the safety of their homes, and amidst this, the adoption of BIM software has enabled teams to connect, share, and develop designs for better project delivery. Going ahead, BIM will continue to play an essential role in easing the process of construction and collaboration between project stakeholders.
  • Clash detection: The sign of a well-experienced AEC manager is if he/she is able to find and resolve clashes in the project. Practice and knowledge of BIM modeling will enable you to detect conflicts in the design and get the project completed without any re-work in the processes.
  • Less duplication of work: Designing a building structure and its various components may cause recurrence of work, but the use of BIM technologies will help reduce duplicated work substantially. The application of BIM will enable you to do smart work and not hard work.

Hence, we can say that the current trends in the Indian real estate industry showcase that BIM and other familiar software will affect and influence the professional life of any construction manager if they are not up to date with the latest processes of the industry.

So, TechnoStruct Academy?

  • All the courses available at TechnoStruct Academy have been designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry.
  • Keeping these tough times in mind, we have made all the courses available online, and so the students can study from home.
  • Another reason that sets us apart and makes us the preferred institute is that we provide the opportunity to get training from expert mentors who have worked in numerous global projects.