Significance of Electrical Component in MEP in Construction Industry

Mar 27, 2023

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MEP in Construction Industry

This blog is an attempt to highlight the significance and intricacies of Electrical Sub-contracting. The recent report by Dodge Data & Analytics suggests that the US electrical sub-contractor industry is growing at an overall year-over-year growth rate of 4.8 percent.

The electrical subcontracting industry comprises of two major necessities of life; Electric Connection and Information Technology. The job of an electrical engineering team is to integrate both the components and form a viable electrical design. The design should equip an infrastructure with an onsite power generation system and its distribution, aligns critical power Systems, allows the integration of IT and AV into overall building design, and also integrate the lightning protection system and fire alarm system. Here, we have further explained the two major modules of the electrical component of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing):

  • Alternating Current: In this modern world, electricity has become a primary necessity for each personal and professional life. Gone those days when people had to work under the moon, or during the day time, and would spend the rest of the time in the dark. Electricity supports and promotes every aspect of our day to day activities. Electricity is used to keep various appliances running, like television, digital computers, telecommunications, hands-free devices, air-conditioners, and so on.
  • Information Technology: Almost everyone in this world is connected to the internet today, and the number is increasing rapidly. The Internet of Things is present in every piece of electronic. Whether it is an office or personal property, there is a need for staying connected with the internet or any other form of information technology.

The electrical engineer prepares an integrated design, and figures out the best possible amalgamation of Alternating Current and Information Technology.

New job roles are being created and assigned to people with experience in varied fields so that more emphasis is given to individual characteristic of electrical component and better results can be derived. The Electrical Subcontracting ensures quality, cuts cost, improves safety standards, better work-life; and thus has become a significant part of MEP:

  • Quality Assurance: The engineer concentrates on getting in order the innumerable circuits. Each and every circuit contributes towards the whole grid, which makes the electric system structure work.
  • Cost Savings: For planning, designing and implementing the electrical system grid, it involves a cost, and to minimize it, it is suggested that an expert in the field is hired. With the change in the needs of any premise, the change in the electrical grid is required. A pre-planned grid would adjust to the changing needs, saving on cost.
  • Safety Measures: A short circuit in the wiring can put the whole property on fire. Electrical Engineer has to plan the project keeping in mind numerous circumstances and furnish the building with safety compliant measures.
  • Improved Quality of Work and Life: To enhance the quality of work and life within the premise, it is suggested to keep human needs into account while making the electrical circuit plan. It’ll optimize the value of the property whilst improving work and living standards.
  • Energy-Saving: Electrical fittings are a very complex and tedious job; a well-planned design can save energy, and support cost savings.
  • System Sustainability: To ensure the sustainability of the project, an electrical engineering team creates a plan with solutions for all the contingencies.


Every component in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing, plays a significant role in bringing together the infrastructure. To save on cost and energy, to improve the quality of work and life, and to furnish with safety measures, an electrical engineering team generates an optimum plan & design and implements it within the suggested budget guidelines.

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