5 Reasons Why Architects and BIM Professionals must upgrade their REVIT Version to 2021

Mar 15, 2023

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Since 2002, Revit has played a significant role as a BIM authoring tool in revolutionising the AEC (architectural, engineering, and construction) industry. Every version of the Revit software has made the lives of Architects and BIM professionals convenient, and the 2021 version is no less. The latest version provides new and improved features and enhancements that will help engineers, modelers, designers, and project stakeholders to connect, communicate, create, and optimize BIM workflows and offer exponential growth.

Revit 2021 is a fantastic Building Information Modeling authoring tool that offers extended capabilities from designing to construction, with the intent to help AEC professionals create accurate and detailed designs through coordinated and holistic modeling.

So, if you are an architect, designer or modeler, or a student looking to join the Revit software course to improve your Revit skills and work on BIM-based projects or workflows, here are the 5 most significant enhancements that will be a game-changer in your work processes:

  • Optimize your Rebar Proficiencies: In Revit 2021, the Rebar capabilities have been designed to offer users the ability to design structures with greater accuracy, enhanced design predictability, and improved work efficiency. Further, the ‘Path to Travel’ tool gives the project stakeholders the capability to use Rebar tools like:
    • Rebar Copy
    • Multi-rebar annotation
    • Free-form rebar
  • Create vastly informative and visual elliptical walls: Curtain and elliptical walls are among the most critical aspects of 3D modeling and BIM workflows. In Revit 2021 version, the ellipse tool uses temporary dimensions and a center mark. The elliptical walls are also very similar to arc walls. Furthermore, wall forms in the 2021 version can be leveraged for design and development processes.
  • Revit 2021 version enables project stakeholders to leverage Dynamo features: Now, Revit 2021 version comes with a built-in Dynamo feature. Dynamo is a powerful coding plugin/tool that will make it a lot easier to access and manage DYN or Dynamo files in any project. Modeler/Designers can model steel networks in a BIM project with greater efficiency using Dynamo features, improve productivity, and integrate new scripts using the Dynamo player.
  • Making lives of Electrical Modelers with Homerun wiring convenient: The Revit 2021 version will enable users to have more control over the display of home runs or homerun wiring and considerably improve documentation based on electrical designs. The electrical project stakeholders can also create user-defined home runs and arrow styles to tick single and multi-circuit home wiring arrows to project specifications.
  • Revit 2021 extensions can benefit Fabrication projects: Designers can now use the new Fabrication export Add-in function available in the Revit 2021 version to set-up and export data from a Revit fabricated layout.

Apart from the advantages mentioned above that come with the Revit 2021 version, there are other capabilities that come along to enhance the work processes and garner efficiency and effectiveness:

  • The cloud feature in Revit 2021 will allow the users to be more flexible by enhancing 3D model accessibility and navigation in the cloud. Team members who do not possess Revit will now be able to collaborate on the project or view the same in BIM360.
  • Project stakeholders will now be able to easily import PDF files to Revit, which will enhance BIM workflows using traditional document formats. Further, it will help designers, architects, modelers to modify the PDF and use the project’s vector data to perform quick tracing, build walls, or create line work.
  • The Revit 2021 version will also enable project members to export datasets such as ancillary data, item data, and linear nest data.

In the 2021 Revit version, the most significant enhancements are observed in design workflows for electrical systems, wall geometrics, curtain, and elliptical walls. The update also offers improved capabilities for users, enterprises, and project managers to leverage business intelligence from a digital perspective, such as forecasting, preconstruction, estimating analytics, modular construction, and more.

Moving forward, these latest enhancements or software capabilities will enable users to improve work performance and productivity. Thus, it becomes even more important for learners to avail Revit MEP training courses.

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